Who’s Winning?™

When it comes to your group benefits – Are you winning?

It’s a basic question employers often find difficult to answer. To help them out Black Star Benefits developed Who’s Winning?™ Group Benefits Analysis.

What is it?

Who’s Winning?™ is a tool for small and medium-sized employers to evaluate the strength of their existing group benefits offering.
Clients agree to provide Black Star Benefits with key data pieces relevant to their existing group benefits plan by following Six Steps to Better Group Benefits. Data includes:

  • Employee demographics
  • The latest employee benefits booklet (from the provider)
  • A copy of the employers most recent benefits renewal
  • A copy of a recent billing statement
  • An overview of the likes and dislikes of the existing benefits plan

Black Star Benefits carefully analyses this data, providing a detailed but concise report back to the employer outlining how their benefits plan could be optimized to save money, retain employees and recruit top talent for the future.

Want to know more? Let’s grab a coffee and dive into the details.

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